How I Can Help

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Your website, built with care, built to perform, built for you...

Firstly, we chat about your ideas

Sharing your vision and requirements with me is our key first step together to ensure a successful project for you. If possible, a face-to-face meeting is preferred for this, whether in person or via Skype, as I feel this enables an interactive flow of brainstorming and ideas.

Providing we have worked out sufficient details within our first meeting, I will then provide a written draft estimate and time-frame for completion. Subject to you accepting this, I will formalise the quote to ensure expectations are agreed to from the outset.

Website Design

There are several options available for this stage of the process:

  • You provide a full site design already completed by a specialist graphic designer. This option affords the quickest turn around time from a development perspective.
  • Another cost effective solution is using a pre-made template brought from a dedicated template distributor. With the integration of your logo and preferred colour scheme the template will quickly become "your site".
  • Or, I complete a fully designed website for you prior to commencing development of your site. In terms of website design I like to draw a comparison with newspapers in that they all follow a similar layout. So your website should follow accepted website design patterns to help ensure users will instinctively know how to use your site.

Website Development

I specialise in using the Umbraco Content Management System when developing websites. I have found it to be the most flexible and user friendly system in my 15 year career of developing websites.

While a slight oversimplification, Umbraco can be likened to building a house. I do the building with the hammer, nails and timber and you are completely free to move the furniture around, change the curtains and puff the pillows as many times as you’d like. This helps to make your ongoing maintenance of site content an enjoyable task, rather than a chore.

Testing & Launch

Good testing before we "go live" is very important. The key areas I test for are:

  • Core functionality e.g. enquiry form submissions
  • Loading and viewing on different internet browsers
  • Display on different devices and screen sizes  e.g. resolutions
  • Site loading speed

This is all done prior to launch. However I take full ownership of the code written and provide a 30 day guarantee to correct any issues within your site.

Once all tweaks have been actioned and any bugs squashed, I will then upload your site to the web hosting provider, making it live to the world. I will then do one more final check to ensure the site is functioning as expected.

Website Hosting / Domain Name Registration

Theses are required aspects to having a website which I am more than happy to assist in setting up on your behalf. However, both of these accounts need to be registered in your name so that all invoices will be sent directly to you.

And so what's it cost?

My hourly rate is $95 (+GST).

I do not provide "pre-packaged" quotes because I prefer to gather information about your vision first and then provide a personalised quote for my time and skills.

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